Dear Black Donnellys,

I like you, I really do. We had some good times together, but…well, there’s someone else. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Irish-Sopranos idea, but there’s just something about a cross-dressing Englishman.

I’m leaving you for The Riches.

I know, I know, Izzard wears pants and a goatee, but still, can I deny my love? And Minnie Driver! And the chick that plays the daughter! How can I say no, Black Donnellys? Sure, I could watch you both, but who has that kind of time on Monday nights?

If it’s any consolation, I’ll be keeping an eye on the lovely Olivia Wilde. The episode where Jon Tucker takes off his shirt was a doozie, but he’s no Olivia.

I hope that things go well for you, Black Donnellys. Perhaps we can even share time together again someday, once these wounds have healed and you’re out on DVD. But for now, I feel it’s best that we part ways.

Goodbye, Black Donnellys.