I have about 240 screen names in my AIM buddy list. Ya know how many of those people I actually talk to on a regular basis? Probably about a dozen, and that’s counting people I talk to for work. I’ve got a “Friends” group with 30 people in it, all of whom were friends over three years ago and probably haven’t been heard from since. There’s even a “Never Talk To” group (seven people).

Obviously, I don’t need all these people hanging about, but I can’t bring myself to delete them. What if I need to get in touch with them? What if I never manage to find their contact info ever again? What if I don’t recognize a third of the screen names in the list (whoops)?

I was going to clean it out and copy any deleted names into some kind of address book, just in case, but that never happened. Remind me to do that one of these days.

And if you’re in the Never Talk To group…well, maybe YOU should get in touch with ME! How bout them apples!