Bucket 'a Change = $101.43

So, how much was in the bucket?

Honestly, friends, I’m a little disappointed in some of you. Most of you guys were WAY off, and granted, you only had a picture to guess from and couldn’t actually lift the bucket, but I gave you measurements and everything! I think Pete’s was the most reasoned response, with the coins per square inch calculations, but he was still 25% off.

The value of the bucket was $101.43, making Katie the winner with a guess of $100. Katie, you may collect your hug at any time (oh by the way, I decided that instead of giving away the money, I’d use some of it to get some Chinese and see a movie. They were delicious and entertaining, in that order).

Jonson and Heewa, I suppose you may also collect hugs, but mostly just because I like hugs. No anal.