Bucket 'a Change!

I’ve been tossing all my change into this 2-gallon bucket for the past year and a half, give or take. Once in a while, I’d pull out a few quarters to get a soda from the machine, but since our laundry room doesn’t use coins, it hadn’t been pillaged for quarters.

The bucket is 9.5 inches across, and the coins were about 1.25 inches deep. According to Google, that’s about 88 cubic inches of coins.

I took it down to the bank today and poured it all in their machine. Care to guess how much it was? Whoever is closest wins it all. Or maybe a hug, I haven’t decided yet. I’ll post the winner tomorrow or Monday.

Also, figure out where this penny came from, and you can have that too. Here’s the Queen’s backside (teehee).