Have you ever taken one of those naps where you just blink and an hour goes by? That happened to me just after we pulled away from the gate in Atlanta. When I opened my eyes, we were halfway to DC and they were serving drinks. I didn’t get to sleep at all in the airport, and just passed out before we even taxied to the runway.

I also forgot to mention that I neglected to take off my belt (and more importantly, my belt buckle) at security, and was thus treated to a San Francisco pat-down courtesy of the TSA. Nothing like standing in the middle of a busy airport, crucifixion-style, while some guy prods your crotch.

I got back to the apartment around noon yesterday, took a quick shower, and fell asleep for seven hours. Did some grocery shopping, washed some laundry, then fell asleep again - for another ten hours - at about 4 AM. I’m feeling quite refreshed today.