Friends, I must confess a grave offense.

Earlier this evening, I supported the box office take on Ghost Rider. It was an irresponsible and regretful act, but I was caught in the heat of the moment. I hope you can forgive me.

I started the evening with the best of intentions; the Sunday Night Film Club was scheduled to see Breach, but it was sold out when we got there. We were left with slim pickins, but we agreed that Ghost Rider would, at the least, make us laugh.

And make us laugh it did. Seriously, I could barely contain myself during some of Nicolas Cage’s serious lines. I mean, I KNEW it would be bad, but this movie reached previously unknown levels of wretch. It’s hard enough to watch Nicolas Cage in a GOOD movie, but this? This was just kind of sad. And Peter Fonda? The goddamn Easy Rider playing Mephistopheles in some low-rent Cage movie? What has become of us, America?

At the moment, Ghost Rider is #1on IMDB’s Tops at the Box Office list. I’ve done a very, very bad thing.