BP and Klem are down here for the weekend, and we’ve been having a hell of a time.

BP and I have been marauding as the O’Malley twins all weekend: our mother Shannon - rest her soul, she died when we were nine - slept with two different men, Patrick and Seamus, in the same evening, thus two different sperm fertilized the same egg, thus two twins from different fathers.

Yesterday, we had dinner at the pub and met a ton of college kids in town for this solar power contest thing, then went out to Whitlow’s to meet up with a bunch of Sharon’s friends, and convinced this chick Jen that BP and I really WERE twins. After some pant-less Scrubs and pizza, we turned in around 4.

We finally got up around one today, grabbed lunch (breakfast?) at Five Guys around four, and had some more napping, Scrubs, and beer. We were going to get drinks at Fado, but a long line sent us up to Dupont Circle, where Schmitty invited us to a full-up apartment party for a bit (just long enough for me to fall halfway down the outdoor stairway in front of a bunch of people). We wound up downstairs at The Big Hunt, then had an absolutely delicious dinner at Kramerbooks & Afterword Cafe, then met some cool chicks on the Metro ride home and spent pretty much the whole night yelling “O’Malley!”

It’s been rowdy and fun and lovely, and I wish we could do it every weekend.

UPDATE: I feel it’s worth noting that while I was writing this, they both fell asleep in front of the TV. Damn college kids got nothing on me!