I haven't been listening to music much this past month. I think it's because I've been wearing glasses instead of contacts for most of the past month: I wear headphones when I'm listening to music at work, and they get uncomfortable quick with glasses on.

So, it's a short list this month, but that's OK. I just want to cross it off my to-do list.


Cowboy Mouth - Voodoo Lounge
I saw these guys open for Barenaked Ladies about eight years ago, when I was a sophomore in high school. It was the first concert I'd been to, so it was more memorable for that than for their music. They came back across my radar when they released Easy in the summer of 2002, and I listened to them quite a bit three years later when I was working for the College of Business. They're a fun, upbeat, slightly southern rock band, so they make good programming music. They also hail from New Orleans, so a couple songs on this disc address Katrina and the aftermath. My favorites: Joe Strummer, a send-up to the late Clash singer, and I Told Ya.


The Sounds - Living In America
I have no idea when or how I got this MP3, but it came up on shuffle a few weeks ago and I love it.

Teddybears (feat. Iggy Pop) - Punkrocker
These guys got two mentions last month, but Punkrocker is definitely the best yet. I've never been an Iggy Pop fan - in fact, I'm not even sure I've heard anything other than Lust for Life - so I can't really tell you how this compares to his previous work. The best I can do to describe this track is mellow indie-synth, with a tired-sounding Iggy crooning on top. The Godfather of Punk is getting old - he'll be sixty this year - and he may still be in good shape, but it shows in his voice.

The New Pornographers - Use It
Technically, this was mentioned last month as part of the Twin Cinema album, but I'm still listening to it a lot. It's just a really good track.

The New Pornographers - The Slow Descent into Alcoholism
This was on Mass Romantic, but it's become one of my favorite Pornographers tracks of late.

According to Last.fm, these were my top 11 artists for the past year (11 because I wanted to include Gogol), including play count:

  1. Against Me! (403)
  2. The New Pornographers (294)
  3. Flogging Molly (265)
  4. The All-American Rejects (245)
  5. Dropkick Murphys (167)
  6. Ted Leo and The Pharmacists (133)
  7. Billy Talent (126)
  8. Metallica (117)
  9. Coheed and Cambria (108)
  10. Weezer (103)
  11. Gogol Bordello (102)

And the top 10 tracks:

  1. Against Me! – You Look Like I Need a Drink (34)
  2. Flogging Molly – Laura (30)
  3. Ben Folds – Bitches Ain't Shit (25)
  4. Against Me! – Those Anarcho Punks Are Mysterious (25)
  5. Against Me! – Don't Lose Touch (25)
  6. O.A.R. – Love and Memories (24)
  7. Against Me! – Miami (22)
  8. Silversun Pickups – Kissing Families (21)
  9. Editors – Munich (21)
  10. Lacuna Coil – Enjoy The Silence (20)