To begin with: yes, I'm sitting at home at midnight on New Year's Eve. I've had an upset stomach all evening and really didn't feel like going out, so I didn't. I've been dicking around with MySQL and writing this post for the past two hours, so I didn't even realize it was 2007 until I heard fireworks in DC. For the record, they can't be seen from my balcony. I DID see the last 30 seconds of the ball drop; those people in Times Square always seem to have a much better New Year's Eve than I do.


It's been a banner year for movie-watchin, folks! I'm not going to give all the analysis I did last year. In all honesty, I DID run the same queries for this year, but they aren't interesting enough to include (I don't know why I bothered last year).

In the way of quick summary: since the beginning of 2004, I've been noting every movie I see all the way through, an idea I stole from Grahams. It's likely that I've forgotten one or two, but I consider it to be a complete list. Here are the basic stats for the past three years:

<table border=1 style=”border-collapse: collapse; margin: 2px;” cellpadding=3>

  2006 2005 2004 Rating Number Percentage Number Percentage Number Percentage A 42 29% 47 51% 47 36% B 48 33% 27 29% 57 44% C 34 24% 15 16% 20 16% D 15 10% 3 3% 4 3% F 5 3% 1 1% 1 1% Total 144   93   129  


I started watching more movies around the time I started keeping track of them, so I'm more than certain that this year has had my highest volume of movie-viewings yet. 144 movies this year means 12 a month, or one every two and a half days. There were nine movies that I watched twice this year; there are others that I've seen in previous years and again this year (ie, Boondock Saints, which I've seen five times in the past three years), but I don't feel like coming up with the SQL query to determine that number.

I've definitely become a little more critical in my ratings, something I wanted to improve on from last year. I noted last year that I generally only watch movies I expect to like, so the numbers are skewed toward the positive. It's hard to say if I've actually gotten more critical, or just started taking more chances on movies that I may not like (thus causing more low ratings).

I subscribed to Netflix just before moving to Arlington at the end of last November, and then upgraded from three to four movies at a time sometime early this year. In 2006, I watched 88 movies from Netflix. According to their website, I returned 111 discs this year. Eight of those were movies I got but didn't watch, and the remaining 15 were TV shows. I'd say I'm getting my money's worth: at $24/month, I paid about $2.60 per disc (including TV shows and unwatched movies). That's certainly better than $10 at Regal.

I've put a serious dent in the list of movies I need to see, but I've still got over 340 discs in my Netflix queue. I approach it sort of like I approach books: if it sounds interesting, I'll try it. When I glance over the list, I don't even recognize half the titles. I go through it every month or two and remove a bunch that were added on a whim, but obviously I haven't done so in a while. I should probably spend some time getting rid of all the crap that will never make it to the top: I'm constantly shuffling my queue, and the stuff I don't recognize never makes it to the top.

Now, I need some suggestions. I've caught up on a bunch of older stuff I hadn't seen, but I want to spend the first month or two of the new year watching new movies that I've been missing. What movies would you recommend from the past year or two? The second season of The Office is coming first no matter what you say, but drop me an e-mail or leave a comment here if you've seen something good lately.

Addendum: I've just trimmed the queue from 348 to 213. That should help.