I do love these three day weekends, but I always come up with an ambitious list of things that need doin’, and then I keep putting them off because, hey, it’s a three day weekend, and then I find myself sitting on the couch at 10 Monday evening with nothing to show for my weekend.

But I suppose that’s OK. I had a nice long chat with Mel and watched some movies and finished one book and then read another one this afternoon and relaxed and slept in and made some chicken salad. I never did get around to doing laundry, but it’s OK because I bought a bunch of socks and underwear a few weeks ago, so I can go a lot longer between laundry days now.

Weekends like this are nice now and again, but I think I’d go crazy if they were all this mellow. But, last weekend featured a visit from BP and Klem, and the New Year was before that, and Christmas before that, and in another couple weeks I’m off to San Francisco for a bit, so it’s all good. I’ll have time to learn Ruby on Rails later.