Waking up in my apartment this morning was very much like living in the RIT dorms in late spring or early fall: it’s 80 degrees in my room, the air conditioning is useless, and all I can do is throw open the windows (and here, my balcony door) and sit really still, waiting for a cool breeze. When I look outside, there are people in shorts and t-shirts playing soccer out in the quad (er, the building’s courtyard).

I know they say that Global Warming only causes small temperature changes over several years, and that this unusual heat is all thanks to El Niño, but if this is an indication of what’s to come, I’m moving to Canada. I’m also wondering if our summer will also be abnormally warm, in which case I won’t be leaving my apartment between April and October.

But we’ll worry about that then. For now, I need to find some shorts so BP, Klem and I can go do whatever it is we’re going to do today.