My dear friend and former roommate Sara recently posted a video of herself doing a painting in a temporary tunnel over the Quarter Mile at RIT. The Quarter Mile (which is actually about a third of a mile) went from the sundial on the dorm side to the Infinity Quad on the academic side, so I walked it almost every day until I moved out of the dorms at the end of my junior year. The temporary “tunnel” was erected late in my freshman year when they started the Gordon Field House. I don’t remember when they tore it back down, but I remember thinking that, at that point in my time at RIT, it had been there longer than it hadn’t, so it was weird to see it go.

After the thing was built, RIT had a bunch of artists paint panels in it. I have no idea how they chose the people to do it, but Sara painted Icarus in one panel (see the final product in her gallery). I walked past it almost every day for a couple years, but I didn’t realize at the time that she had done it because I barely knew her then.

Most of my fondest memories are of seemingly insignificant shit like this: walking past a bunch of paintings from people I didn’t know at the time, watching CMT’s Top 20 with BP, our weekly Iron Chef get-togethers. It’s always the little things that seem most important in retrospect.