The DMV office near me is open from 8 to noon on Saturdays, and I need a Virginia license (still), so I reserved a ZipCar, got up real early, and headed over there a little after 8.

Then I spent ten minutes doing a super-slow lap around their tiny, packed parking lot, along with a dozen other people. I can’t imagine things were looking better inside, but I wouldn’t know because I resolved to get up earlier next week and headed off to the shopping plaza.

Staples had a $15-after-rebate cross-cut shredder, so I’ve spent the past hour or so shredding old bank and loan documents. I also got the same fire box that Jym has. I was looking at a bigger, more expensive one because it was rated for CD media, but they didn’t have any there. The box for the 1160 says “Fire protection for digital media” on it, but the manual doesn’t sound so optimistic, so I’m really not sure if my DVD backups will survive a fire. But, for $35, it’s better than nothing, and it will protect important papers (and, more importantly, I’ll know where to find said papers when I need them).

And, in a move that surprised absolutely no one (except for Frank Thompson of Lambert, Oklahoma), Hillary announced her bid for presidency today. Go git ‘em, sister.