Does anyone know a decent blog traffic analysis tool? I’ve been using Google Analytics, but it’s geared toward companies and marketers, not bloggers. On the upside, it gathers data via JavaScript, so I only get stats from actual visitors and not bots or spammers. My hosting company offers a web stats tool, but the numbers there are an order of magnitude higher than the ones on Analytics because they count all page requests, not just the ones that come from an actual browser.

I can also get the log files from my host, so a desktop app that handles raw files would work. I used Weblog Expert Lite for a little while; it gives me the information I want, but since the reports are based on the logs from the server, it’s got all the same crap results that the host’s web stats utility does. As such, another JavaScript-based tool would probably be best.

JR linked me to Measure Map the other day; I don’t know anything about it, but it’s intriguing…and closed to new users right now. Anyone got any other ideas?