Now that we're a full twelve hours (and change) into the new year, I think it's about time for a little self-evaluation with regards to resolutions.

  1. Go to the gym: It's where I started my day.
  2. Spend less time just hanging out in the apartment: I've already been out of the apartment TWICE. I know some people (ahem, roommates) who aren't even out of bed yet.
  3. Get a handle on my finances: Unless you count the bill payments I scheduled online last night (they'll be processed in the next couple of days), I haven't spent a dime. I DID go down to Olsson's (second trip out of the apartment) looking for a Moleskine daily planner and the Little Miss Sunshine DVD, but they had neither so I'm still doing OK.
  4. Be more positive about life in general: I'm just bursting with joy this morning.
  5. Try brewing beer: Not yet. Maybe I'll start small: "Try drinking beer."
  6. Do more personal projects: I took care of a lot of little crap this morning - the kind of stuff that only takes ten minutes, but just keeps getting put off. I've also started plans for a big project that's been percolating for a few weeks and combined all my little to-do lists of smaller projects, so I know what I'm up against.

Not so bad, eh? I think we can all agree that 2007 is already a strong contender for Best Year In The Second Half of This Decade So Far.