The Crystal City Olsson’s finally opened behind my building - when we moved in at the end of May, the sign said “Opening Summer 2006,” so they’re on my kind of schedule. But, for those of you playing along, this means that I didn’t get a job there; I applied some time ago for a night-and-weekend part time gig to keep myself busy, but now I don’t really feel like working a second job anyway.

I stopped in on my way home from work today, and there were still empty shevles and boxes of books scattered about. I was hoping that this one would have a coffee shop inside, but no such luck; I figured it would be a good place to hang out and read*, but I’d definitely spend too much money if I were hanging out there all the time. I just took a quick gander around today and wanted to leave with at least two CDs and a couple books, but I really can’t be spending money on that kind of stuff right now.

But, when I do have money to spend, or credit cards that aren’t maxed, and I really want a new bestseller, or I hear about a new zombie tome, I don’t have to go far to get it. And if I take the long way round, there’s a Cold Stone on the way.

Ya know, maybe this isn’t a good thing after all.

  • It’s worth noting that there’s a Caribou between my apartment and Olsson’s, and I’ve gone down there to read on several occasions, but I’ve always figured that I’d be better off in a quiet book store, surrounded by similar-minded folks.