Fonny used to drink Magic Hat No. 9 back when I lived with him at RIT. I tried it a couple times while I was still there, but didn’t really appreciate it until a few months ago: our pub has it on tap. I picked up a six pack of their Circus Boy (a Hefeweizen) a couple weeks ago and it was like liquid joy. I’ve since picked up a couple sixers of Circus Boy and some more No. 9, and now I’m working my way through a Feast of Fools mix pack, and I’ve spent most of the past week singing their praises and musing at the fact that I didn’t appreciate the Rochester brewery until long after I’d moved away.

Thing is, they’re in Vermont, not Rochester.

Which doesn’t seem as important as it did when I started this post. The important thing is that you get a sixer of Circus Boy. Liquid joy, seriously.