I just found out that there’s a Starbucks right out behind my apartment.

On Wednesday, I got a ZipCar so I could pick up some things at Target. I had to pull a U-y (youee?) to get where I was going, and pulled through a U-shaped parking lot at this office building across the street. Lo and behold, there was a Quizno’s in the bottom of the building.

Yesterday, everyone in the office went to Ted’s for lunch right across the street from this newly discovered Quizno’s. From the vantage point of their waiting area, I spotted the Starbuck’s that’s right on the other corner of the same building. This is all about a half block south of the back entrance of my building - I go north to get to work, so I’ve only walked down that part of the road a couple times, and somehow missed both of these little treasures every time. I can’t help but wonder what else may be back there.

And before anyone gets on my case for Starbucks, let me say that there aren’t any indie coffee shops nearby, or I’d certainly be going there. I DO have to pass the Caribou to get there (it’s near Olsson’s), and while I like their socially responsible practices and the baristas, their coffee kind of sucks. So, newly discovered Starbucks for the win!

In other news, I’m flying home to Buffalo tonight, and returning Tuesday evening. Have a Happy Festivus and all that other shit.