Has anyone else been using this Twitter business? It seems like a cool idea, I just can’t seem to get the damn thing to work right.

The basic idea is that you post what you’re up to - mini blog posts, if you will. You can do it over the web, via IM, or by SMS. And if your friends have requested notifications of your updates, they get an SMS message when you make a post. This (or something like it, with a couple more features) could easily be used for local event notifications - “I’m going to a move tonight, who wants to come?” sort of things.

I’ve only played with it a little bit, but I sent invites to a couple more people so I could have some friends (I’m just so lonely on the Internet). Of course, I can’t even log in to the web interface right now; it was fine this afternoon, but now when I try to get in, it asks me to finish creating my account, and then tells me that my phone number - which isn’t a field I can change at this point - is already in use. I did some looking around online, and it sounds like a lot of people have been having a variety of problems, including this one. Hopefully, the support folks will get me straightened out soon. I can still update it by phone, but I think I’ll use the thing more once they get some bugs fixed. You can play along on my Twitter page.