It was about this time last November that I was finishing up finals and wondering what exactly I was going to do after graduation. I had sent out about a dozen resumes and had a couple interviews, but not for anything that sounded very good. I HAD applied for a job that sounded perfect, and even answered a bunch of extra questions for the headhunter, but it had been a couple weeks since I had heard anything substantial.

Then I got the chance to do a phone interview, and the request to come to DC for a real interview. At that point, I was planning to spend the weekend in PA with the Grillbillies (as I’m planning to do again next weekend), so I just kept going south on Sunday instead of heading back to Rochester.

I really want to take a few extra days off next week and take a road trip up to Rochester or Buffalo or something. I know it’s going to be a great weekend - it always is, with the Grillbillies - but last year’s will be impossible to live up to. I had no plans, nowhere in particular to be, and as stressful as that was, it was just as relieving. Things were changing, my life was going in a new direction, everything was exciting.

I feel like I’m in a rut, and living out of a car for a week or so tends to spice things up a bit. If I could afford it - and get the time off - I’d probably do it all the time.