I don’t know about you, but I had a hell of a weekend. We closed up shop around noon on Wednesday, so I went beer-and-food shopping with Jym and Mel, who cooked an incredible feast for six of us on Thanksgiving (when I saw “who,” I mean Mel - Jym had nothing to do with it). Elsie came down Friday for a long weekend, since RIT is in between quarters right now. A bunch of us spent Saturday afternoon at Fort Hunt, wandering around and flying toy airplanes, then went out to meet some people that night. Elsie and I spent Sunday doing “the walk” (Washington Monument to WW2 Memorial to Lincoln Monument to Vietnam Wall to White House) and wandering around other parts of DC. She fell asleep when we got home - at about 8 - so nothing much happened last night.

Over the course of the weekend, we ate at a few new places and some old favorites. I really do need to get out into the city more often - I always have a good time wandering around up there and we keep finding cool new restaurants. It’s easy to say “I’ll see it later” and spend the weekend on the couch, so it’s kind of nice when someone comes to town for a bit and gives me a reason to get out there.

Also, the monuments are beautiful at night, and one of these days (when I’ve got a few hundred bucks laying about) I’m going to get a new camera and show you what I mean (looking for Christmas ideas? Get me a D50).