It's been over two months since my last review, so I've got a whole bunch for you today. Let's split it up a bit, shall we?

Warning: some of the sites I've linked to will auto-play music from the band in question. It's pretty obnoxious, but whatchagonnado? Turn down your speakers before clicking, mmkay?


The New Pornographers - Twin Cinema (Indie Pop)
I have mixed feelings about this one. Mass Romantic and Electric Version are both fantastic - it's fun, upbeat music, and that's why I love these guys. Twin Cinema is a lot darker - more minor chords - and just sounds more depressive. That being said, I love Use It and The Bleeding Heart Show. Twin Cinema and Sing Me Spanish Techno are pretty good too, but I'm kind of disappointed in the rest. It's definitely got the New Pornographers' sound, and taken on its own, it's a good album. However, listening to Twin Cinema requires a different state of mind than their first two albums.

Nickel Creek - Reasons Why: The Very Best (Contemporary Folk, Bluegrass)
I had never listened to Nickel Creek much, and they're going on indefinite hiatus next year, so I'm glad they put out a Best Of. With the exception of two or three songs, it's a fantastic disc. I especially like Helena, When You Come Back Down, and the biting Somebody More Like You (my favorite line: "I hope you meet someone your height / So you can see eye-to-eye / With someone as small as you").

Scotch Greens - Professional (Rockabilly Punk)
These guys opened for Flogging Molly when I saw them back in February, and I finally got the album. Good gym music. I don't have much to say about them, they're just fun to listen to.

Th' Legendary Shack Shakers - Pandelirium (Hillbilly Rock)
One of the guys at work introduced me to these guys. They've been in DC at least twice since I got this disc and I've had to miss them both times, but I'll get them next time - listen to Ichabod and tell me they won't put on a ridiculous show (you can hear that and No Such Thing on their website). I can't even really describe them - psychobilly, maybe? - but it's definitely not for everybody.

Against Me! - Americans Abroad!!! Against Me!!! Live in London!!! (Anarcho Punk)
I've loved these guys ever since Fonny kept playing Sink, Florida, Sink a few years ago. There's nothing new on this album, but it's the second best thing to seeing them live.


Beck - Nausea
Who hasn't been listening to this for the past two weeks?

Tenacious D - POD
This has been stuck in my head, on and off, for weeks. I still need to see the movie.

Placebo - Every You, Every Me
I finally saw Cruel Intentions last week. It was awful, but I liked this song.

Blue Man Group - Time to Start, Rods and Cones
I can't believe I never got into these guys. I love percussion-heavy music, and I've spent the last two weeks trying to find stuff like them, but more drum-centric.

Teddybears - Yours to Keep
This was one of the iTunes free singles back in September. It's just a catchy, fun, mellow tune.

Teddybears - Cobrastyle
I list this one separate from Yours to Keep because they're so different. Both fun, both catchy, but this one sounds more like an iPod commercial song (probably because it's been used in a few commercials). It makes me do that stupid-looking chair dance at work.

The Dandy Warhols - The Last High
Bohemian Like You comes up in shuffle every now and again, but somehow, I didn't hear this song until a couple months ago, and it's been in near-repeat ever since.

Rodrigo y Gabriela - Tamacun
This is currently the iTunes free single - go get it before Tuesday. I bought the rest of the album, which is good, but I haven't listened to it much yet. The things that these two can do with guitars are obscene. Watch the video - seriously, you need to see these two.

Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars
I kind of hate admitting that I like stuff like this, but I love the way the song slowly builds into a crescendo of noise. That makes me happy.

I'm From Barcelona - We're From Barcelona
There's really nothing quite like a band of 29 Swedish hipsters calling themselves I'm From Barcelona. Just watch the video.