I suddenly realized, at 4:37 this afternoon, that it was already 4:37. I had a busy day, going back and forth between a few different projects, so time went by quick and I got a lot done (of course, it was 6:37 by the time I left, but that’s beside the point).

I’ve always been the most productive - and the happiest - when I’ve got a lot on my plate. My senior year of high school, I stayed a few hours after class almost every day, for one thing or another, and worked about 20 hours a week, and I was never bored. During a lot of quarters at RIT, I was just as busy. I remember starting my co-op with the College of Business, back in March 2005, and loving the set, 8-hour day…for about a month. It got monotonous quick, and I was looking forward to going back to unbalanced class and part-time work schedules, because it kept things interesting.

These days, I find that I’m the least productive when I’ve only got one thing to do and no definite deadline. If I know I’ve got a half-dozen things to do in the next couple of days, I know I have to hurry up and get things done, and I do. Without any real pressure, I just can’t seem to focus on any of it.

Things are getting busy again at work, and it’s refreshing. It was kind of quite for a little while, which was nice during the summer, but it’s definitely best to keep busy during the colder months. And for some reason, leaving work after dark feels so much more satisfying, like you’ve used the day to it’s fullest potential. I’m juggling more projects that I have since I started this job and it gets dark early, so I think the next couple months will be good for me.