Since moving down here a year ago, I’ve barely used my laptop, for two good reasons: my desktop is conveniently located in the living room (where I’ve always used my laptop the most), and I no longer have homework or projects to be working on when I’m away from my desktop.

At the new place, all three of us have our desktops lined up under my desk, and Matt and I have ours connected to Jym’s monitor, which he doesn’t use. Being the environmentally responsible kind of guy I am, I went to turn off the monitor before bed last night, and pushed the power button clear into the monitor casing. Not a big deal, I figured - I’ll take it apart and re-seat the button. Problem is, there doesn’t seem to be a way to open the damn thing.

It’s sort of a long way of saying that I’ve been forced to use my laptop exclusively for the past day, and I kind of like it. This damn thing cost me a fortune (two years ago now, but still), so I should be getting some use out of it. It’s survived two moves, a year and a half of classes, three jobs, and a big cup of water: it deserves a little lovin’ now and then.

In other news, Scrubs season 6 premiers tomorrow at 9 on NBC - don’t miss it!