This afternoon I found a poster tube that had been stuck in a closet when we moved (and probably the last time I moved, too). I was hoping to find a couple posters I had back at RIT, but I guess they got tossed when I was moving out.

What I DID find was some drawings from Casey and Natalie from about two years ago. Casey gave me a “botched” print of this frog she drew two summers ago, and I’ve also got a sketch of me that she did for the CSH yearbook the year before that. That same summer, Natalie drew me three “quit smoking” signs that were hung in my room during another failed attempt to quit (even though they were very inspiring).

I looked into frames for them all today at Target, but it turns out those are a little pricier than I thought. For the time being, I just got one for the froggy (which you can see here). I feel really bad for leaving these all rolled up in a poster tube, because I love them all. I’m just glad I found them before they got lost in the next move, so I could do something with them. I’ll be picking more frames after my next paycheck, and I’ll post more pictures when I get them all up.