Yes, it was my birthday. I’m 23. Whooptie-do.

Work sucked. I left early after spending most of the afternoon running in circles trying to solve problems with the project I’m working on.

I came home and fell asleep for a couple hours, which was nice. Sharon and Gavin had a Halloween party tonight, so I caught the Metro out that way. And then I got a bus to their house, except I got on going the wrong direction. Thankfully, I realized it before I got too far, and Sharon drove out to save me. The party was a blast, and a nice contrast to the rest of the day.

Since the buses stop running around 11 or 12, I called a cab to get back to the Metro to get home, and arrived five minutes after the last train, which came a half hour earlier than I thought (it’s worth noting that the cab took 35 minutes to get to their place). I hopped in another cab to get home. In the end, it cost me $38 to get back from Falls Church. Incidentally, that’s about how much I spend on gas when I drive from Arlington, VA to Rochester, NY.

I never got a chance to eat dinner, so I’m starving. I’m going to make a sandwich, and I’m going to watch some TV, and tomorrow had damn well better be pretty fucking great.

Also, I have hiccups. Perfect.