Apparently my birthday is next week. Now, this would normally mean that Brocktoberfest had been planned already, or at least considered once or twice. I keep forgetting that it’s coming up, and since I don’t know many people in town and don’t want to piss of the neighbors, I have no intention of throwing a huge party at my place again this year.

But, I have an even better idea: let’s get drunk and go to the driving range. I like cranking golf balls when I’m sober, so I figure it can only get better. Then maybe we’ll hoist a Geo into a dumpster or something - I don’t know, we’ll see what happens, but the important part is that we get drunk and smash golf balls. Actually, screw the driving range - we can do it from my roof, Fight Club-style. And Jym’s got a couple bowling balls we could toss off, too. And that extra coffee table.

So who’s with me?