I said every week or two, but every month or two is probably more appropriate.

Ben Folds - Still Fighting It (Rockin' the Suburbs)
I guess this song has been out longer than I thought, but I just picked it up a few weeks ago and it's been played a lot since. I should probably get the rest of the album, because I've liked the tracks I've heard - he's a talented fella.

Boy Kill Boy - Suzie (Civilian)
This was one of the free singles on iTunes a couple weeks ago, and it's been stuck in my head pretty much non-stop ever since.

Cowboy Mouth - The Breakup Song
I saw these guys open for Barenaked Ladies about 7 years ago and wasn't terribly impressed, but they came back into my view about this time last year. It's a cover of a Greg Kihn Band song, but doesn't seem to be on any of Cowboy Mouth's CDs.

General Miggs - Broken Hoof (Download it)
I'm really not sure how I wound up with this one, but you can download it on their site. It's a nice mellow tune to groove to.

The Killers - When You Were Young (When You Were Young)
Who HASN'T been listening to this track lately? Apparently the video is pretty good, too, but I haven't found it online. I pre-ordered the album on iTunes, so I'll have the video on Sept. 18 or Oct. 3, depending on who you ask.

Lacuna Coil - Enjoy the Silence (Karmacode)
I've been on a Depeche kick and downloaded a few covers of Enjoy the Silence, and this one's my favorite. Little slower, little moodier, little grittier - it's perfect.

My Morning Jacket - One Big Holiday (Download it)
This one came on The Wired CD almost two years ago. At the time I wasn't impressed with anything on the disc, but I guess I kept the MP3s. The video for this one was playing in the pub about a month ago and I made a note in my phone to buy the track, but it turned out that I had it all along. It sounds a lot like Little Dawn, by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, which I also recommend.

Pete Yorn - Undercover (Nightcrawler)
This was also on the Spider-Man soundtrack. It's fantastic. He did a signing at a book store in town a couple weeks ago, and now I'm kicking myself for not going.