Do you ever find yourself walking behind someone for a few blocks, inadvertently following them, maybe as far as their home?

This has been happening to me more and more lately. Really, it’s no surprise: there are, by my count, around 500 apartments in my building, and I go past the Metro station and a major bus stop on my way home from work, so a lot of people go between that area and my building during rush hour. For some reason, though, it’s always me alone, following some girl who’s alone, and I always feel like she thinks I’m following her home. We may stand next to each other at a crosswalk for a moment, waiting for the light, and then she’ll walk off ahead of me (since I’m rarely in much of a hurry to get home in the evening). I try to make it obvious that I’m NOT following her, but then I probably just look like I’m trying not to look like I’m following her, which makes me seem even more suspicious.

Meanwhile, the girl I’m following probably has no idea I’m behind her, grappling with this ridiculous internal dilemma, while, oblivious to me, someone else follows us both.