Google Maps

Apparently Google Maps pulls from more than one source, because these two come from TeleAtlas and NAVTEQ (click for the bigger version). I was looking for the Trader Joe’s in Alexandria and tried to figure out if I could get there without a car, which led to the smaller map in the window on the left. That one is the walking map provided by WMATA’s Trip Planner, while the bigger one is from the regular Google Maps site. I was trying to figure out the discrepancy in Tivoli Passage Alley, and wouldn’t have noticed the different sources otherwise.

Anyone know what’s going on there? I did a little looking on Google, but I don’t really care enough to devote much time to it. I can’t help but wonder, though, how many different places are ambiguous like this, and if it contributed to the three months I spent driving around this city with no idea where I was going.