After living here for nine months, I finally made an appointment and went to see a dentist today. Their office is right in the Crystal City tunnels behind my apartment and I’ve got insurance, so I really had no excuse for waiting this long, especially since I hadn’t seen one in five or six years.

And it’s a damn good thing I didn’t wait any longer. Apparently I’ve got a pretty wicked cavity in one of my molars that’s not far from needing a root canal, so I’m going back next week to take care of that and two other minor cavities. I also found out that I haven’t been brushing or flossing right, and my wisdom teeth should probably come out because, while they aren’t causing any problems now, they’ve been coming in crooked (I say “coming in” because they’ve been like halfway there for years). So maybe I’ll deal with that one soon, too, but I’d really rather not.

And then I went and bought some of that new non-alcohol mouth wash, and it had better work as good as they claim because oh my Jesus it tastes so much better than Listerine.