It’s been a rowdy rowdy tiring long weekend, and I’m glad I’ve got a couple hours of down time before the next one starts.

I woke up feeling like shit on Thursday, so I stayed home and slept pretty much all day until Fonny and BP got here. I was still pretty run-down Friday and Saturday - and even now, I don’t feel like I’m totally over it - but I was good enough to go out and stuff. We had a BBQ here on Friday, for Fotios’ Going-Away and Jasmyn’s birthday, and wound up with a ton of people. I’m still not sure where a lot of them came from, but it got pretty big pretty quick.

Fotios moved out yesterday, so I moved into his room and Matt started settling in a little bit. We went and saw Beerfest again last night, then hung out at Fado for a while. BP and Schmitty wandered off on their own when the rest of us called it a night, but they managed to find their way back here early this morning. BP and Fonny headed north around noon, and Schmitty just left a little while ago.

And, in a few hours, Darrin is stopping in for the night on his way to somewhere, which is why I say I’ve only got a few hours to myself. We’ve got a revolving door here at the RIT Hostel, and a lot of times I’m not even sure who’s on their way in.