On a scale from Club Dread to Super Troopers, I’d put Beerfest at an 8. It was pretty hilarious, but a lot of the dialogue in the first act was pretty bad, and they had a lot of cheese-for-the-sake-of-cheese later on. But, it also featured gratuitous toplessness, so it evened out. Plus, we went to Fado afterward, and that’s always good.

I had never been to an advanced screening before, so that was pretty cool. Apparently ytic.com gives away screening passes a lot, so I went and signed up for all of their contests.

I’m definitely willing to pay to see it a second time, and that’s exactly what I intend to do. I think we’ll be heading up to Gallery Place Friday night after BBQ and beer drinking, since Fonny and BP will be here.

Also, my t-shirts came in from Threadless and Oddica today, so that made me happy.

As far as evenings go, I can’t complain about this one.