I pulled a You Too this morning. It was just like the Brian Regan bit (if you haven’t seen his Comedy Central Presents, find it right now) - when the waiter says, “Enjoy your meal,” you lamely respond with, “You too…you know, if you have a break later or something…”

Mine was almost worse. I stopped into a dentist’s office near my apartment on my way to work to find out if they were taking new patients. A nice lady there explained some insurance details, gave me their card, wished me a good day and said, “I hope we hear from you soon!”

I could feel myself saying it but it was too late and there was nothing to do. “Likewise!” I said in that cheery morning voice of mine that drives lesser mortals crazy. It would have almost made sense if I had given them my name or contact info or anything, but no, it was just foot in mouth. I left muttering to myself - “Likewise? What the hell was THAT?”

But then I remember that I could tell all of you about it and not feel so privately stupid, and for some reason that made me smile.