I like doing stuff on weekends. I don’t have any responsibilities and can stay out late without worrying about getting up early. More than doing stuff, though, I like using my weekends to not do stuff. I like having time to lay around and read books and watch movies. I never had much time for either while I was in school, so I want to catch up now, and I like relaxing on my days off. And even when I DO want to do stuff, I’ve also got a pretty impressive list of side projects I’ve been meaning to get to, and it’s never gotten any shorter.

This weekend has included almost no time for movies and books, but I suppose that’s a good thing. A bunch of us partied here Friday night, so I spent Saturday morning and afternoon recovering. My buddy from work had a house warming party later in the afternoon, so I got to spend some time hanging out with new people. He plays kickball, and most of the people there knew each other from that. I found out later in the evening that a handful weren’t from kickball, so we bonded over the fact that we didn’t know anyone else there. Lots of cool people, though - I met some guys that live in Crystal City who want to join us for poker night, and I think I’m going to play kickball in the fall because they were some of the friendliest people I’ve met down here.

Today was a total bust. I wound up working up in Baltimore and didn’t get home till after 3. By then, I was ready for a Sunday-afternoon nap, but I only got to crash for half an hour before Sharon got here. We hung out for a bit, then she left again, and I fell asleep for a couple more hours. I just woke up about an hour ago and I’ve been in that post-nap haze ever since.

Now I’m waiting for laundry to finish drying, and wishing it were Saturday morning again. I always have these ambitious plans for doing nothing all weekend - a book I want to start reading, some photos I want to organize, the movies that Netflix sent me weeks ago - and I almost never do any of it. I always seem to get blindsided by the rest of Life, but I suppose that making new friends is more important than organizing my stuff or catching up on movies.