This weekend was even better than the last, and I think I’m OK with that trend.

Clerks 2 came out Friday, and we got a crew together to see it at Gallery Place. Fadó is just a couple blocks down from the theater, so after the movie, we sauntered on down there for a rowdy evening of drinking, hollering, singing along with the tunes they were playing, singing along with the tunes we were playing, and discussing the biological makeup of human genitalia (we met a biology teacher).

While there, we discussed plans to have a BBQ here Saturday evening, and I came home from the grocery store last night to find a dozen loud people in my living room. Some more folks came over, and we got to hollering back and forth with the people below us (who were also throwing a BBQ and enjoying their balcony), so we went down there and I spent some time discussing politics and sports with a couple guys from Germany.

Today was lazy as a Sunday can be. I spent some time at the gym, finished some stuff for work, and did a little reading, but mostly just lounged around. I get a wide variety of movies from Netflix and a lot of times I get them in the mail and think, “Why the hell did I rent this?” These movies are saved for Sunday afternoons like this one, unless I find a good one on TV (previously: King Arthur, Sweet Home Alabama, and Miss Congeniality 2). This week I opted for Chick Flick and Ice Cream Sunday Afternoon Extravaganza, which included How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days and some Ben & Jerry’s mint something something. It was girly and relaxing and don’t you judge me because I just might make it a weekly event. You’re welcome to join me next week for Sleepless in Seattle and Cold Stone.