I don’t know why I didn’t think to do more looking around before, but I’ve solved my wiki on a stick problem. Wikipedia has a comparison of wiki software, which includes a several that use flat-file databases.

As it turns out, DokuWiki works almost just like MediaWiki, in terms of formatting and revision history. In one of the config files, you specify the data directory, and it just works.

Unfortunately, it’s not a true wiki on a stick. It will run on any Windows machine right from the thumb drive; the instructions there use Uniform Server, which runs Apache, MySQL, and PHP right from the thumb drive. DokuWiki is installed in the www directory there, so I can run it anywhere I’ve got XP (or maybe 2000) and a USB port.

As I mentioned in my previous post, MAMP won’t run anywhere but /Applications/MAMP. Mark made the good point that I could create a symlink from the thumb drive to that directory (or vice versa? you know what I mean), but by that time I already had DokuWiki working and didn’t feel like spending more time on it. As such, MAMP runs on my iBook with a local install of DokuWiki that points to the data directory within the aforementioned www directory. Voila, everyone uses the same data, and I am appeased.

It isn’t as flexible as I was hoping, but I’m really only planning on using it in three places: my iBook, my home PC, and on rare occasions when I need to make a quick note, my work PC. I can’t run it on other Macs without installing and configuring MAMP and DokuWiki there, but for my purposes, this setup will serve me well.