I’m one of those people that’s easily frustrated if I can’t remember exactly when something happened and who was there with me. Maybe I just don’t want to lose memories, maybe I’m OCD…maybe I’m just anal, I don’t know.

Over a year ago (at least), I decided to start keeping track of things in my life. The idea probably started forming in the summer of 2003, when I found Jakob Lodwick’s (now defunct) list of people he knew. Despite the fact that wikis are typically used for collaborative editing, I decided that it would be the best way for me to record these details, mostly because of my two requirements: I want the ability to update it whenever the urge strikes me, and I want to be able to see revision history. Most wiki systems offer revision history (though I only considered MediaWiki at first), so the real hurdle was making it accessible everywhere. I’ve been getting into the habit of bringing my iBook everywhere I go, so I started off running it there. However, there are a lot of times that I want to use it elsewhere - if I’m typing a lot, I prefer doing it on my full-size desktop keyboard, and sometimes I want to add stuff at work so I don’t forget about it. As such, I settled on a wiki on a stick solution, and finally got everything working this weekend.

Now that I’ve got it all setup, I’m not even really sure what I want to put in there. Right now, I’ve got details on some of my time-based playlists - what music I was listening to during certain periods of time - and books I’ve read recently, but that’s about it. Before too long, I want to get back to that “people I know” part of the project: how I met people, how our relationship evolved, things like that. In my first attempt, three years ago, I only wrote about one person before (like so many of my projects) it fell by the wayside.

We’ll see where it takes me. I may make parts of it public eventually, but for now it’s just for me. I have this irrational fear of forgetting what I was going when, so I hope that will inspire me to keep up on it, but I have a habit of dropping personal projects when more interesting ideas come along. Having everything on a thumb drive will certainly make it easier to maintain, and maybe that will help this project stick.