I swear, he let me do this

Abbi’s 20th birthday was this weekend, so I made the trip up into PA for Abbipalooza. I was kind of surprised I made it - Malique has been in rough shape, and I was supposed to get an oil change a couple months ago (I hadn’t hit 3000 miles, so I wasn’t too worried), but she can still do 90 on the highway. Thankfully, we didn’t have any issues, and I got to enjoy a quiet(ish), laid-back weekend with some of my favorite people. It was a smaller, low-key party, which worked out really well because I had a chance to hang out with everyone. I love meeting new people, but it can be pretty draining (I’m more introverted than I seem). I did get to meet some of Abbi’s friends from school, but they fit in so well that it just didn’t matter. As I’ve told countless people before, it always takes a lot of energy to be outgoing and extroverted, so it was nice to just have a relaxing weekend with people I like without trying to forge new friendships at the same time.

…which isn’t to say it wasn’t exhausting, of course. I met the Grillbillies because FN told me I couldn’t keep up with them, and I accepted the challenge. I don’t know how they do what they do for so many weekends during the summer, because I feel like I need a week off after spending two days with them. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Also, pictures are on Flickr.