Nothing says “We’d like very much to be citizens” like refusing to work for or buy from any American company for a day.

Seriously, who thought that “Nothing Gringo” was a good way to support the immigration movement in the US? Remember how everyone was upset about all the Mexican flags at the protests, so people started carrying American flags instead? Good move! A national boycott, though? Not helping.

I suppose this means that Mexico will be refusing a day’s worth of American aid, and Mexicans in the US will not be taking advantage of our assorted welfare programs and other benefits extended to those living here. So hey, thanks for that. Oh, and I guess the kids won’t be attending classes at our public schools tomorrow either, huh.

I drive to work, but I’m sure the fellas at the office will appreciate the fact that the Metro won’t be as crowded. Really, that’s about the only good thing that will come out of this.