New Look

In the past five or six years, I’ve worn glasses maybe a dozen times. I got them in eighth grade and replaced the lenses my sophomore year (I think). After I got contacts, I stopped wearing them altogether - I think it was my junior year, but I was wearing glasses in my senior picture, so I’m not sure. For the past six years, optometrists have been advising me to update my glasses, but I’ve never bothered to since I never wore them. It only bit me in the ass once, when I got pink eye last summer and had to go to Canada half blind. Shortly after that, Fonny lost a screw in his glasses and stole one from mine, so my eight year-old frames with six year-old lenses only have one arm, and are lost somewhere in my closet.

So this, on top of the whole eye fungus fiasco, and the fact that my eyes have just been dry a lot lately, inspired me to make good use of me new health insurance and get some damn glasses, fer crissakes. I only have one set of contacts left, and with the upcoming business trip (oh, by the way, I’m going to be in Nashville for a week and a half) I decided to pay a little more at Hour Eyes so I could have them before I leave Wednesday. I’m still going to order more contacts; there’s no way I’m wearing glasses for racquetball or riding the motorcycle. For every day at the office, though, the glasses will work out better. Plus, I can watch Saturday morning cartoons in my jammies without having to put in contacts.

I forgot how weird it is to wear glasses, though. Everything moves a little different; I can’t explain it, but I think everyone who wears glasses knows what I mean. And every time I come inside, I reach up to flip them on top of my head, like I always do with sunglasses. It’s weird to get back into a routine you haven’t had in years - I’m sure I’ll forget them tomorrow morning - but I think it’s for the best.

(Oh, and for those of you I haven’t seen in a while - yeah, my goatee’s coming along nicely, and yes, my shirt is bleached.)