For the first time since Thursday, I’ve got about half an hour to sit down and do nothing - or so I hope. I’m across the street at the Radisson, just in case anything goes wrong (they’re doing a few sessions here), but I’ll only be here for another hour or so. It’s so nice to just sit down for a bit - we’ve been doing 14-15 hour days since Friday, but we’re running out of equipment and places to put it, so it looks like things will be a little quieter until we have to pull everything back out Thursday afternoon. Then, Bryan and I get to make the 13 hour drive back on Thursday and Friday, and I’ll probably sleep all weekend.

The Gaylord Opryland is fantastic, and I’m sure it would be a great place for a vacation. They’ve got quite a few restaurants, bars, and cafes, and all sorts of little shops. According to their website, there are NINE ACRES of indoor gardens, and I don’t doubt it - the place is enormous (according to some guy I overheard, it’s the biggest hotel in the US that isn’t attached to a casino). I’m sure it would be a wonderful place for a vacation, but I’ve only been able to spend about an hour a day in my room during waking hours. I’ve taken a few pictures of the place, but I probably won’t have a chance to post them till this weekend.