I love this city.

This weekend was the National Cherry Blossom Festival, which meant that half of DC and a ton of tourists flocked the waterfront to look at trees. Apparently there’s historical significance, but, you know, they’re trees.

Part of the festival was last night’s firework show. Schmitty has access to the roof of the building across from him, so a few of us watched it from up there. We also made it for the last midnight showing of Boondock Saints over at the Drafthouse, since we missed it last time.

For today, Risa planned a picnic on the National Mall. We lounged around on the grass in front of the Washington Monument for a while, watching the tourists and hanging out, until Schmitty led us on a long, meandering walk ultimately intended to get us to the green line so we could go to Love Cafe. We stopped at his house quick before riding up there to get some cake and hang out on someone’s front porch for a bit. There couldn’t have been a better weekend for it; it was in the high 60’s and sunny all day.

While we were at Schmitty’s, Nuzz pulled out a copy of NFT: The Not For Tourists Guide to Washington, DC. It seemed like such a good thing to have that Matt and I stopped at Barnes & Noble on the way home so we could each grab one. Now that I’ve been here for a few months, I have a rough idea where things are, and know some neighborhoods pretty well. Even so, I couldn’t tell you what’s between Georgetown and DuPont Circle, and I’m not even sure I could identify them both on a map. The guide has great maps of every neighborhood with listings for restaurants, clubs, liquor stores, and essentials like grocery stores, gas stations, and banks. I expect that I’ll get a lot of use out of it when I’m lost or looking for a new place to eat.

It was a good day, even if I did get sun burnt all to hell. And now it’s later than I thought - I think I’m going to spend my evening in front of the TV.