Tips For Punk Show First-Timers

  1. Don't wear flip-flops. You will lose them. Boots are your best bet, because sneakers will come off easily too.
  2. Don't be surprised when people push you. I don't know what things were like at the last N'Sync concert, but that's not how it works around here. Standing there giving everyone a pissy look won't earn you immunity
  3. If mom or dad insists on escorting you to the show, they're either really cool, or (more likely), you're too young to be there. Don't bump into my beer hand.

Of the three times I've seen Against Me, this was probably the weakest. Much like the last Flogging Molly show, this is due in a large part to the fact that I wasn't there with the crew from school. Unfortunately, they were opening for Alkaline Trio this time around, so the place was pretty sparse when they went on and the crowd wasn't as charged as usual. On top of that, it was an all-ages show, so most the crowd was under 18. It was kind of fun to just stand there and be buffeted by wave after wave of tiny little punk kids, and I laughed when they all sang along to "I'm drinking Irish tonight," because I knew that most of them wouldn't taste Guinness for another six years. The pit never really opened up, so it was 45 minutes of pushing back and forth.

Despite my gripes with the audience, the band put on a great show, as always. They played about half of Searching For A Former Clarity (opened with The Energizer, one of my favorites), and maybe a half-dozen older songs, finishing with Sink, Florida, Sink and Pints of Guinness. I only stuck around for Alkaline Trio's first two songs - the first one featured a police siren, and the second sounded like generic pop-punk, so I didn't have high expectations for the rest of the show.

It was definitely worth the ticket price, and the trip up there, and the $5.50 beer, but it didn't hold a candle to their show in Buffalo (and the trip to Mighty Taco after the show is only part of the reason). Hopefully they'll come through town again soon.

On a related note, Gogol Bordello is playing at Nightclub 9:30 tomorrow night. As much as I'd love to see them again, I already know that tomorrow is going to be a long day at work, and apparently I'm going to NYC for the weekend, so I should take a night off and maybe do some more laundry. Such is the life of a moderately responsible twenty-something.