I’ve spent most of my afternoon and evening cleaning up archives. For several years now, I’ve kept movie and concert ticket stubs. I used to write the names of the people I went with on the back of the ticket, but since the beginning of 2004, I’ve kept a spreadsheet with this information, because I like looking back to see what movies I watched when and with who (and occasionally compiling data). I went through my ticket collection, and added what I could from there, but it didn’t amount to much: 21 movies in 2003, and 10 in 2002. Obviously, I lost a lot along the way. I was surprised by how many of the movies I remembered so well - who I had seen it with and where, where we sat in the theater, things like that. I remember losing a contact when I went to see X-men 2 with FN, Brie, and Coo, and lost the other one a week later when I saw it a second time with my buddy Bill. In a lot of cases, I remember these weird little details better than I remember the movie, but I would argue that those are more important.

For the rest of the afternoon, I wrote a WebAudit script to check links on my site. I updated to MT 3.2 a month or two ago, and nuked my images directory while I was at it. There was a bunch of crap in there, so I went through it and only restored the files I knew would be used, missing a few in the process. I also didn’t realize until later that MT 3.2 uses longer file names than previous versions (this can be changed, but at the time I didn’t know it was going to be a problem). As such, a lot of the file names for my posts were different when I imported them, and any links to them broke. I didn’t even notice this until a week or two ago, so I wrote this script to go through and try every link on the pages. I’m not entirely convinced that it worked the way I wanted it to, but I found a lot of bad links that have been fixed.

Tonight, I’m going to make some dinner, pour a drink, and relax. A few of these Netflix discs have been here for weeks, so I think a movie is in order.