Seriously, the best nights start without even the illusion of plans.

We decided to go out for a celebratory (not celibatory) dinner last night, so Matt picked the Half Moon BBQ up in Silver Spring. It took us like an hour and a half to get up there via Metro, but it was totally worth it. We all got pulled pork, which was fantastic, and a couple baskets of thick, fresh-cut fries. The place was awesome: there’s about 8 booths, and 15 or 20 stools at the bar - the only spots available when we got there. It was probably the most laid-back place I’ve ever eaten (especially by DC standards), which was perfect because things tend to get rowdy when you put Jym, Matt, Schmitty and myself in the same room. The lady waiting on us was probably in her fifties and seemed like the kind of person my mom might hang out with, but she was totally chill - she wandered in and out of our conversation, dropping stories and bar recommendations where they fit. At one point, we were sitting there chatting when she set a beer down in front of Jym and I. Neither of us had ordered one, so we both kind of gave each other this look. The next time she walked by, she leaned in to tell us to keep our mouths shut because her boss was there, but the last round was on her.

We got talking about movies and decided to hit the midnight showing of Boondock Saints at The Drafthouse, but stopped in Chinatown on the way because we wanted Guinness-brownie sundaes at Fado (and after a few rounds at Half Moon and a 20-minute Metro ride, Jym and I really needed to pee). Sarah tried to join us there, but didn’t make it until we were leaving (whoops). We didn’t know this on the way in, but George Mason was playing at the MCI Center, so we rode the Metro back with a few hundred cheering fans on their way back to Fairfax.

After getting the car, making it back to Matt’s place, switching cars and seeing Jym off, we made it to the Drafthouse just in time to find out they were playing Capote, even though we thought it would be Boondocks and their website says 24 Hours on Craigslist.

Even though we didn’t get to see the movie, the night was fantastic. We’ll definitely be going back to Half Moon, but we can’t take many people - I don’t think they have tables for more than 4 people, and it’s tough to carry on a conversation if you’re all lined up at the bar. Fado is always great, and the Metro ride back was fun even if the Mason kids wouldn’t join in for Bohemian Rhapsody. I like this city more and more every week.