It’s only Wednesday, and this week has already run me down. As such, I’m taking tonight and tomorrow off, because I need to be in prime condition for Friday night.

Apparently there’s some kind of RIT Alumni organization in town, because they organized a tour of the Library of Congress. They planned it around some kind of Student Affairs conference in the area, so Bove and ShaunJ were here for a few days. The tour wasn’t as interesting as I expected - the entrance to the building is incredible, and the reading room looked pretty impressive, but we couldn’t take pictures of it or go in there. They had a little reception afterward and did a little too much talking, but they gave us food and wine so it was OK.

The reception was held on the sixth floor, and had a doorway to a wrap-around balcony. The city looked incredible from up there, and since Matt and I had been talking about going to the National Mall to wander around at night (no tourists!), we decided to take a walk over to the Capitol Building (along with Patrick, Sarah, and this fella Blake [who I hadn’t met]). We did a big lap around the Capitol, attracted the attention of every soldier guarding the place (we’re not quite people), and took some crappy pictures of stuff, then headed off to my favorite pub, Fado, for drinks and burgers. I didn’t get home till around 12:30, so I was pretty beat at work yesterday.

That didn’t change the fact that I had plans to see Ron White last night. I didn’t realize at the time that we bought tickets for the 10:30 show, so it was another late night. He had done another show earlier in the evening, so he was pretty drunk by the time he started his set, which really just made it better. It was better than any of his specials I’ve seen on Comedy Central - most of it wouldn’t have even made it on there. It was hilarious, and filthy, and hilariously filthy, and drunk. The venue was great, too - it’s a little, low-ceiling-ed, underground comedy club, and we were only a few rows back, but a double Jack and Coke will set you back SIXTEEN DOLLARS (sometimes I actually miss Rochester). It was a great show, and it’s always nice to hang out with the guys from work without, you know, working.

So yes. Thanks to the last two nights, I’m beat today, and I can’t possibly go into St. Paddy’s Day like this. I’m going to bed early tonight.