It was months ago when I saw the preview for Everything is Illuminated. I’m assuming the book was doing OK by then, but I hadn’t heard about it. The only reason I even remembered the trailer was because of Eugene Hutz. I figured I should read the book before seeing it, so I picked it up a couple weeks ago and finished it last weekend. The beginning is a little hard to follow, but it was an interesting read.

The movie was pretty good, but I don’t know if I like the changes they made. Obviously, they could really only do half the story: Johnathan’s trip through Ukraine. The grandfather’s modified back story was a bit of a surprise. There was some other crap, but Scrubs is on so I’m a bit distracted.

Hutz was surprisingly good, but it was weird to see him without the crazy mustache, and with a shirt on - he’s very much like Dan Lee that way.