This weekend was CSH’s 30th Anniversary, so Dan, Rhubarb, Oompa and I drove up for a few days. As I’d hoped, it turned out way better than my last trip north. The ride up was a blast. BP threw a Friday-night party again, which was fantastic. I spent most of Saturday fighting a hangover, until the banquet at 6. The dinner was way better than any of us thought RIT capable, and we all danced for hours (or stripped). We did a lunch Sunday afternoon in GCCIS, then hung out on floor for a couple hours. My parents came out from Buffalo so we could do dinner (I finally took them to Mark’s), and then I just hung out with BP (and made pizza) until leaving Monday morning. The trip back was as uneventful as the ride up, and we stopped at Skeeters for lunch.

I don’t think I could have asked for a better weekend. I got to see all the people that didn’t make it up last time, met some alumni, and just spent the weekend relaxing and reminiscing with people I like. It’s nice to re-tell our stories and remember the good times; when you’ve only got a few days, it’s easy to forget the unpleasant aspects of day-to-day college life: the classes, the inevitable drama bred by close quarters, the abject poverty. It’s unfortunate that I can’t see these people more often, but it makes these weekends all the better.

Of course, the Monday after is always tough, but what can ya do?

You can look at photos, that’s what.