My faith in Metallica has been shattered. I became a fan around 11 or 12, when I found And Justice For All in the CD section at the library, and I was really into them right up until the Napster fiasco. Even if I don’t care for Lars’ shenanigans, I still like almost everything up through S&M.

I never bothered listening to St. Anger, aside from the tracks that made it on the radio, because I never heard a good thing about it. And based on Metallica: Some Kind of Monster, that’s probably a good thing. I don’t know which songs actually made it on the album, but they were all pretty awful. It’s just generic nü-metal crap.

The worst part was actually seeing the band behind the scenes. Hetfield is kind of a wuss. Kirk Hammet is a ninny. And Lars is just an ass - a pompous, demeaning, self-righteous ass. They all think they have some deep artistic vision to offer to the world, and watching the rest of the crew - managers, producers and the like - stroke their egos and agree with their inanity as they wax philosophical was just comical. They’re supposed to be badass! When did they all get old and soft?

What a bunch of Sallies.